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What is

Soul Centred Kinesiology?

Soul Centred Kinesiology is an integrative complementary medicine that promotes spiritual, energetic, biochemical, mental, emotional and structural/physical healing.


Soul Centred Kinesiology offers integrative healing sessions in our Sydney and Castlecrag clinic locations and Online/Phone and Corporate partnerships. 


Our online zoom healing and Kinesiology consultations are here to offer you the comfort, support and ease in experiencing and receiving a rebalance anywhere in the world. 


Soul Centred Kinesiology is a specialised Kinesiology founded by Elizaveta Iliagouev, an international Clinical Kinesiologist, Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Meditation Facilitator & Energetic Healing facilitator.


Lisa offers clients an integration of mind-body modalities and biofeedback tools to gently stimulate the innate self-healing abilities from within. 

Soul Centred Kinesiology modalities & offerings are: 


  • Holistic Kinesiology, 

  • Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Modern Hypnosis,

  • Advanced ThetaHealing & Medical Intuition,

  • Energetic Medicine & Vibrational Essences,

  • Shamanic, Sound and Spiritual Healing and

  • Meditation Mindfulness

  • Resource Library, tools and information on modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom. 

Elizaveta is a dedicated student of Mysticism and Spirituality passionate about Thetahealing, spiritual growth and expansion. 


Soul Centred Kinesiology & Soul Centred Essences core values are:


  • Expansion of awareness and unity consciousness. 

  • Self-Inquiry, meditation & healing & growth mindset. 

  • Self Awareness, presence & mindfulness. 

  • Living from an open heart and mind. 

  • Courageously expressing and embodying life force, authenticity, unconditional love, abundance, kindness, compassion, unity and forgiveness. 

  • Actively practicing and embodying Spiritual Virtues, ritual & healing,

  • Soul growth and Connection to the Divine. 

  • Thriving with a deep connection, reverence, purpose and love of life.  


Soul Centred Kinesiology offers clients a personalised treatment plan with a comprehensive online support program including online courses, regular scientifically inspired blog posts, education and home reinforcement strategies offered in our newsletter, social media platforms and email. 

Soul Centred Kinesiology believes in meeting science with spirituality,  incorporating research based techniques and tools in clinic for our client support program. Our tools are inspired by the latest scientific breakthroughs in complementary medicine, transpersonal psychology, consciousness, quantum physics, neuroscience and biology.

What are clients saying about Elizaveta (Lisa) & Soul Centred Kinesiology? 

"A session with Lisa always leaves me feeling I have come Home to myself and my place in this life experience. 


There is a deep sense of peace and nurturing that Lisa embodies, and she shares it generously and without judgement.


I genuinely feel I could say anything to Lisa and know that she is absolutely listening and supporting me without imposing any ideas of how things ’should’ be. In her presence I fell accepted, which allows me to relax and rapidly work through any challenges I am facing.


It’s as though she see’s the absolute best in me, reminds me of it, and uses her vast skillset to help lift me as I rise up to live that truth.


I always come away from our time together reminded there is more than enough of everything available to me in this life - abundant love, abundant support, abundant resources and overflowing joy.


Lisa is a Master of her craft - if you have a curiosity, need or desire to feel wonderful, I would highly recommend you spend some time together. 

Thanks Lisa, Puccetta"

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