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Soul Centred Kinesiology?

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Soul Centred Kinesiology is the complementary medicine technique and spiritual healing clinic founded by Elizaveta Iliagoueva, known as Lisa. 

Lisa is the Kinesiologist, Meditation Teacher and Energetic Healer, specialising in spirituality and vibrational medicine. Lisa is passionate about the sacred inner self healing, self awareness, self discovery and personal transformation journey and is honoured to share this soul work with healers and seekers on a similar path to living their true being. 

Lisa is the master in holding space for the divine in one to rise to the surface, as she guides her clients to the truth and knowing that they are whole, perfect and complete already. Therefore, what is transformed and healed is the belief in oneself.

Soul Centred Kinesiology appointments are available in our Castlecrag Sydney clinic and virtually on zoom.


Our Virtual Kinesiology portal offers clients and healers integrative energy balances and guided meditation on a monthly basis through our membership offering. 

Our clinic and virtual portal integrate the following holistic therapies and modalities: 

Holistic Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine 

Master Neuro-linguistic programming and Modern Hypnosis

Master Thetahealing and Medical Intuition 

Energetic medicine and vibrational essences

Shamanic, sound and spiritual medicine

Meditation and Mindfulness

Lisa is a dedicated student of spirituality and her path on earth looks to guide healers in their spirituality, self empowerment and healing journey by teaching how to connect with the healing and wholeness within.

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A session with Lisa always leaves me feeling I have come home to myself and my place in this life experience. 


There is a deep sense of peace and nurturing that Lisa embodies, and she shares it generously and without judgement.


I genuinely feel I could say anything to Lisa and know that she is absolutely listening and supporting me without imposing any ideas of how things ’should’ be. In her presence I feel accepted, which allows me to relax and rapidly work through any challenges I am facing.


It’s as though she see’s the absolute best in me, reminds me of it, and uses her vast skillset to help lift me as I rise up to live that truth.


I always come away from our time together reminded there is more than enough of everything available to me in this life - abundant love, abundant support, abundant resources and overflowing joy.


Lisa is a Master of her craft - if you have a curiosity, need or desire to feel wonderful, I would highly recommend you spend some time together. 

Thanks Lisa, 


Puccetta, Client