Passionate about inspiring others to love, heal and connect with their true self, authentic self, highest self & divine self.

I would love to see a world of empowered people reaching their fullest potential and living lives with love, confidence, peace and joy.


I strive to create a space in my clinic for people to connect with themselves, heal from within and become whole again. 


My Style in Clinic...

My style in clinic is all about the heart, the soul and the universe.


I believe that once we connect to these energies we can find the answers from within in order to heal and thrive.


I incorporate spiritual and energetic wisdom in my healings/coaching to bring inspiration and new perspectives to clients.

This process enables clients to be in tune with their subconscious programming and connected to their true self and intuition.


I am passionate about identifying the root cause of the health condition that presents itself and strive to shift the subconscious mind & the energy field  back to its innate harmony. 

What I love..

Its important to me to practice what I preach and therefore I practice yoga, spiritual practice such as prayer, meditation, mindfulness and personal development regularly to be grounded, present and expand my level of conscious awareness. I am a serious student of life. 

I love what I do and every piece of guidance comes from my heart. Its no coincidence that I work predominately on the heart energy. The heart space is all about learning how to love & accept yourself & others fully, to realise your worth and value, to express your inner truth, to feel grounded in your body & mind and to access your soul's calling and inner spark. That joy and presence we felt when we were kids.  

The heart energy centre is where your true self resides. It is your soul and your inner spark. The power of the soul is passion, creativity, love, intuition, wholeness and connection with the Divine. 

My Soul Journey...

As I child, I often gazed at the stars, dreamed big and asked a whole bunch of questions about human existence and beyond. A dreamer at heart, an empath and sensitive, I learned how to channel my gifts in artistic ways. 

My personal healing journey became my main focus in 2010. I awakened to research and knowledge about metaphysics and spirituality. I am inspired by spiritual teachers such as Einstein, Tesla, Vianna Stibal, Neale Donald Walsh, Deepak Chopra, Carl Jung, Louise Hay, Ghandi, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Spirit Science and so many more.


In 2015, I volunteered as a Wellbeing Coach for Action for Happiness Sydney, leading workshops on various pillars of Positive Psychology and wellbeing inspired by Martin Seligman's work. Teaching others how to create the life they love inspired me to study more about psychology and spirituality. I also hold a degree majoring in Sociology and Human Resources.  


My career in Human Resources and training was flourishing as I worked for a social enterprise supporting refugees and asylum seekers. During this time in 2016, I enrolled in study Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  NLP Masters, Energetic Healing and Holistic Kinesiology.  

Who I work with...

I work with people from varying ages ranging from 5 years old to 65 years old. People who are engaged and motivated in their healing and personal development. People who desire and are ready for change, good health and living a life with purpose and wellbeing. 


People who are ready to connect to their inner world and heal from within. 

People who love spirituality is a plus, however I truly believe in working with people on their page and therefore tailor each session ensuring the best interest of the client is offered. 

  • Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology, CCM Australia

  • Intuitive Anatomy, Thetahealing Practitioner

  • Professional Meditation Teacher Training

  • Flower & Vibrational Essences Diploma.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations, Sydney University.

  • Master Practitoner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy/Modern Hypnosis, NLP Worldwide. 

  • ThetaHealing Practitioner, ThetaHealing Australia

  • Higher Self Training, NLP Worldwide Institute. 

  • Family Constellations Training, NLP Worldwide Institute. 

  • Angelic Healing Practitioner Certification. 

  • Accredited Meditation Teacher Training. 

  • Shamanic Healing & Energy Healing Diploma

  • Spirituality Coaching Diploma 

  • Soul Vibe Teacher Training/Sound Healing Training, Sydney Australia. 

  • ThetaHealing Advanced Practitioner, Sydney 

  • Dig Deeper Practitioner, Sydney 

  • Intuitive Anatomy, ThetaHealing Advanced.