Corporate Kinesiology 

Corporate Consultation Outline 45-60 minutes: 


  1. Setting a goal: eg. “To de-stress the body”. 

  2. Activation: Identifying vital information from the body systems ie: stressors/ blockages, 

  3. Balance: A treatment incorporating a range of holistic methods aimed to resolve the stressors & activating a balanced state of being. 


What may notice after a one or more Kinesiology sessions?

  • Feelings Of Relief & Lightness In The Body

  • Calmer & Clearer, Feeling Present in the Now

  • Increase In Energy or feelings of deep rest & recharge

  • Improved Focus & Concentration


Every session concludes with offering your staff practical tools/techniques for everyday self-healing and/or methods in achieving staff goals such as: 

  • Enhanced focus, clarity and motivation towards personal or professional goals. 

  • Enhanced presence & awareness at work or personal life. 

  • Releasing blocks, fears, limitations. 

  • Encouraging resilience, optimism and overall internal balance. 


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