A Sacral Chakra Self-Healing Process

Felt Sense, Tapping into your Inner Aliveness & Energy Healing with the Water Element of Life.

The water element of life is understood in Energetic Medicine & Kinesiology to re-balance our second energy centre, our Sacral Chakra located below the navel on the front body and lumber spine on our back body. When we experience our connection to all the elements of life ie earth, air, ether, fire, water, we begin to deepen our relationship with All That Is, Was and Ever Will Be. ⁣

Each chakra is a subtle energy point, viewed as wheels or vortexes of energy, acting as gateways corresponding to endocrine glands and major nerve plexus that send and receive messages to and from the peripheral nervous system. ⁣

Our endocrine system regulates our hormonal state, metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and emotional state. ⁣

When energy is blocked in our chakras the functioning of the corresponding gland becomes compromised, creating an internal imbalance in the production of hormones. ⁣Hormones are the chemicals to emotions and play a significant role in our general health and wellbeing as well as our consciousness.

The sacral centre is all about fluidity, empathy, femininity, our connection to sensual energy, relationships with others and all things emotions. ⁣It has the colour of orange and mantra of VAM.

How to self-heal your sacral energy centre using the Water Element & Felt Sense & Tapping into your inner Aliveness? This process referenced in this article is drawn from the techniques used in my Kinesiology & Energy Healing Clinic. The intention is for everyone in the world to have access to simple tools and techniques that promote energy flow.

1. Immerse your body into a body of water and notice your inner sensations and feelings emerge. ⁣

2. Notice the temperature and sensation water brings to your skin receptors, nervous system and other bodily functions. Begin to stay and breathe with your feelings. ⁣

3. Take deep breaths focusing on intention to oxygenate your energy body with a deep awareness on the inhalation and exhalation and how your body responds to each movement. ⁣

⁣4. Exhale, feel and visualise tension releasing using a contraction of throat, voice, breath, focus and touch.⁣

5. Begin activating your lymphatic system for an energy detox by stimulating your muscles, organs and skin by palpating, massaging and brushing your hands in an upwards motion starting from your calves towards your heart centre. ⁣

6. Begin to focus your attention on the sounds of nature, allowing the natural pulse of earth be heard, setting your intention to slip into a present and meditative state (theta). ⁣

7. Affirm “I am pure awareness” repeatedly and ask the Creator to “Show me love”. ⁣

8. Begin to move your body or hands in simple shapes that elicit energy flow (mudras, yogic poses, stretches, salutation) setting your intention to bring heart into coherence with nature’s vibration, breathing into your heart over and over and over until it beats at the inherent rhythm of love. ⁣

9. Observe the outer landscape and make contact with your sense of inner aliveness by deeply looking at all the creases in your hands. ⁣

10. Elicit, observe and feel the ALIVENESS that’s in and outside of you. ⁣

11. This is presence, this is true emotion. “I am now connected to the emotion of life- aliveness”. ⁣Close your eyes and observe and breathe in that aliveness. ⁣

12. Reflect & set the intention to connect to life everyday.

Give this technique a go in your bath, pool, beaches, lakes, rivers or any pool of water. Allow the healing vibrations of earth uplift your spirt, cleanse your energy field and bring your physical body into homeostasis.

Sending you all so much love and blessings,

Lisa @ Soul Centred Kinesiology

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