Communicating with Angels & Spirit Guides

I am in the process of completing a second Angelic Healing Course and will be continuing my education, learning about Angels and Spirit Guides. This course, got me thinking about the importance of communicating with the Spirit world, our Angels and Spirit Guides on a regular basis and how our connection with the Spirit world can strenghten our intuitive and psychic abilities. I must caution you, this connection requires responsibility and grounding work, because entering higher dimensions requires energetic boundaries.

The spirit world is always existing around us, however we are simply unable to see, feel and hear it with our earthly 3D senses. That doesn't mean angels and guardians don't exist. We don't always need physical evidence to have a knowingness or truthful understanding about something or someone. Truth and knowingness comes from feeling. Have you ever lost a loved one and felt their presence close to you? If so, you will know exactly what I mean here.

A guardian angel is a spirit assigned to a person to guide and protect them throughout this incarnation or many lifetimes. Some have more than one guardian angel. To communicate with your angels, you need to make sure you first make contact with The Creator. Here's what I mean:

This Spiritual practice requires, intention, a calm meditative state and gratitude for The Creator, Angels and Guides.

Here's how to begin your relationship with your Angels and Spirit Guides:

Begin to meditate and visualise/imagine you travelling up to higher dimensions above in a beautiful ball of light, until you reach the 7th plane of existence. You have reached a dimension of pure unconditional love and light.

Make the request "Creator of All that is, it is requested to see and speak with my Guardian Angels/Arch Angels. Thank you, It is done, It is done, It is done. (This is a ThetaHealing technique).

Move your consciousness over your head and crown, go directly into your space via a visualisation, requesting to communicate with your Angels.

Then, begin to ask your angels questions or convey your message as you please. You may want to ask the Creator to help clarify what you have seen and heard back. You may want to simply convey a message to your Angels or request something without the intent of receiving an answer then and there. Sometimes our Angels communicate back to us via symbols or synchronicity in our daily lives.

Ensure you rise and ground yourself. Visualise your feet turning into tree roots and your roots are travelling down into the earths crust planting firmly and deeply into the Earth Chakra. Visualise rain cleansing your aura.

Practice this technique regularly until you become so confident you begin to communicate to your Angels telepathically.

More techniques will be posted to support you on your journey of cultivating a relationship with the Spirit World.

With love and light,


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