Each morning, we are born again.

We are blessed with the seed of life every single day. We are blessed with a blank canvas every single morning. We are given a new choice every waking moment. We can be a caterpillar one day, turned butterfly the next.

The beauty of this life is that it offers an awakening process every single day.

Enlightenment and love is a choice.

Positive thinking is a choice. Healthy habits is a choice. Self care is a choice.

I am taking the next two weeks to fully commit to DAILY meditation, reflection, yoga, presence, play time with my inner child, creativity, grounding in nature, prayer, stretching, self massage, clean eating and relaxation.

I practice all of the above in my life already, however the next two weeks is my self love mini retreat of ultimate self care, rejuvenation, nurture, love and connection to nature & spirit.

Who’s up for this commitment ? You will find the time...

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