Flower Essences for Topical Use

Bach Flower essences for topical use...🌻🌸 Bach flower essences are one of my favourite vibrational remedies in my Kinesiology toolbox!

Bach flower essences support illness and conditions deeply rooted in our emotional and mental body. These essences can shift our low vibrational state/ emotional state into a high vibrational frequency, shifting patterns of imbalance in our biofield.

Traditionally, we use these essences orally taking a few drops under the tongue, however recently I have been adding these wonderful vibrational signatures into natural topicals made with beeswax, hemp seed oil, coconut oil and frankincense essential oil.

Because stress impacts our vitality, skin and hair so much, by applying these essences topically, our skin and hair will be nourished, absorbing the positive energetic signature, resulting in harmony and balance of the body, mind and soul. The skin being our largest organ definitely is linked to our emotions and mind. In TCM, the skin is governed by the lungs and thus by treating the skin, we are healing “the doors of Qi” allowing energy to flow in and out of our body as well as nurturing our Shen (mind) with positive thoughts.

Which flower essence is right for me?

Here are a few I use often in Clinic, see if any resonates with you.

Alternatively you can message me or email me at for more information as I have the ability to muscle monitor to find out the one most suitable.

Olive: prolonged exhaustion, resistance to deep rest shifts to rejuvenated life force, wellbeing, longevity.

Beech: critical, judgemental attitudes shifts to tolerance, acceptance of others, Cosmos: unfocused, disorganised communication shifts yo integration of ideas and speech, coherent thinking.

Gentian: doubt, depression due to failure shifts to perseverence, confidence, faith despite setbacks.

Gorse: pessimism shifts to deep conviction and hope, optimism.

Agrimony: anxiety, addictive behaviour, emotional pain shifts with emotional honesty, inner peace and equanimity

With love,

Lisa @ Soul Centred Kinesiology

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