Healing Gaia Prayers

Healing Gaia is a global initiative to invoke vibrational healing to Gaia, Mother Earth.

Just trust that all your spiritual work that your doing is ALWAYS making a difference to Gaia’s vibration. 🌱

This prayer work is merely a focused and structured way to raise the vibration of the planet through Prayer. 🌳

The mineral, plant and animal kingdom are Gaia’s inhabitants and therefore part of Gaia. 🌷 When we pray for Gaia and witness in our minds eye that The Divine has received our request and followed through with the healing, we are not only shaping our current reality and circumstances, but also our children and children’s, children. 🌼

This iniative is simply an energetic approach to honouring the virtue of SERVICE, KINDNESS and ONENESS. Be sure to be aligned with these virtues through belief work. 🌵

We are in a fast approaching Information Age where we are very aware that without lasting and sustainable change to the planet, our planet will suffer. Gaia is a living organism. Please join me in praying for Gaia’s return to harmony.

Believe that your words, mind, soul and energy has infinite potential to change the world on a collective and individual level, one prayer at a time.

We are also putting it out there to the world for suggestions/recommendations on donation based foundations, charities and organisations that we can support to heal our planet.

Planting trees or simply $1 makes a change in solutions to environmental issues. Please comment below if you have any suggestions. We will update the Facebook group regularly with updates: “Healing Gaia”.

Healing Gaia Prayer

🌱Gratitude Heals. 🌱Gratitude raises vibration. 🌱Gratitude balances energy. 🌱Gratitude is the key to manifestation. 🌱Gratitude opens up the heart. 🌱Gratitude awakens miracles and blessings. 🌱Gratitude connects us to ALL That Is. Take a moment in your day to say aloud this prayer. When you pray for earth you send healing love to all. Go outside today on your lunch break and feel the earth beneath you, beside you, as you touch a tree and smell a flower, experience this life in this moment. 🌱 Thank you.

Genuinely loving Mother Earth and connecting with her heart is our next step of unconditional love and ascension. 🌸

Breathing and living in the heart space deepens our knowing of who we truly are and our life mission here on earth. 🌵

Illuminate the heart of all beings including earth by giving love and healing to earth and all her inhabitants including minerals, plants, animals and humanity. 💜

Poems, prayers, words and intentions are all vibrations that send signals out into the universal field. 🌳

Love to you all. Thank you for being here. Many more posts on Healing and Metaphysics coming your way to support healing and the path of unconditional love ❤️🙏🌱 .


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