Healing is Choosing Love

The key to healing is the key to enlightenment. Our awareness is everything.

Being with my awareness, I realise I am an infinite being, I have free will and complete choice in choosing actions that nurture my truest self and potential.

Being a conscious being, I can choose loving thoughts, I can choose loving acts, I can choose loving behaviours, I can choose to love myself, I can choose to love others graciously.

By choosing love, I realise I am love, vibrating at a frequency of divinity, my very true nature.

Healing is choosing love, you see.

Enlightenment is becoming the light that is and was always inside of you, hidden by the ego, hidden by fear, hidden by resistance and control of the shoulda, woulda, coulda.

I now a surrender to the universes divine plan, knowing intuitively the universe has the best intention for me and because I talk to the universe and share my dreams, aspirations and desires and because the universe has my back, the universe shares these desires with me, wanting this to come into my reality.

How it comes in my reality, many not always be rosy and sweet, it may just show up in what is perceived as shadow like to some.

To me, whatever happens is happening for my greater good and for the bigger picture for myself and the cosmos.

Dear universe, I completely trust you and your divine intelligence. Thank you!

By Elizaveta Lisa Iliagouev

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