Healing the Soul

Suggestions in supporting your Spiritual Journey.

The secret of healing is the secret of enlightenment

Lets get it started...& look this up:

Meditations & Spiritual Teachings:

Deepak Chopra: Soul of Healing/Meditation. (I really love these & belief this is a must to listen to).

You can download on Spotify or YouTube.

Theta Healing Technique: This is the spiritual healing I use on clients to manifest and co create healings, belief changes, distant healing, sending unconditional love to others.

This video is a guided Theta Healing meditation.

The key ingredient for it to be made is:

1. Believe in instant healings

2. Believe that change in attitudes, behaviours, habits, thoughts is instant. We can make new pathways, neurological connections and reinstate our bodies intelligence (Cells) instantly.

3. Ask and you shall receive “I request, I command, I intend for this…. (Healing, Belief, Feeling) to be shifted and replaced with unconditional love, peace, joy, serenity, equanimity, acceptance, trust, enlightenment, flow, prosperity, proprietary, integrity etc. (These emotions are high vibration and when felt, the body releases chemicals.

Healing Strategies for ongoing self-care:

Massage: Direct impact on the proprioceptors in our skin, muscles, connective tissues and nervous system.

Give yourself the gift to receive massages on a regular basis for self-care purposes.

Make sure it fits in with your budget and lifestyle for example “My ritual is 1 massage monthly. Remember self-care is self-love.

Acupuncture: I look after my internal energy centres once a month with acupuncture. A lot of research on the benefits.

Essential oils:

These oils have a vibration imprinted in them. Make it a ritual to use essential oils for selfcare. Oils surpass the nose and have an impact on the limbic system (emotion centres of our brain).

1. Diffuse

2. Topical application

3. Essential Oils for anxiousness & grounding: Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vetiver, Clary Sage.

You can get reasonably priced oils from

Meditation: This will help you a lot on your journey. It doesn’t need to be long at all. Meditation has a significant impact on the brain and body. It promotes: compassion, creative thinking, enhances cognitive function, decreases depression & anxiety.

I enjoy guided meditations as it allows me to be fully present in the process. YouTube guided meditations and start with 5 minutes. Work your way up. Below are links and suggestions.

Bineural Beats: YouTube Bineural beats and you will find a bunch of ones dedicated to healing, acceptance, self-confidence, grounding, relaxing, etc. Use headphones only and when you are cooking or doing data entry just listen to them. These beats help rewire neural pathways.

Links to what I have gathered overtime to watch:

Inner Child Guided Meditation: For Heart/Soul Healing

Joe Dispenza guided perceptions meditation

Joe Dispenza guided Bineural beats

Theta Healing Guided Meditation:

Overthinking & Anxiousness meditation (Not guided, but has healing waves throughout)

I am enough by Marissa Peer:

How to teach your mind that everything is available to you by Marissa Peer:

Apps to download for expanding consciousness & healing:

Gaia: I watch Gaia daily and its changed my life in multiple ways. Its like the Netflix for healing and enlightenment.

Good luck with your Journey! The healing is within you!

With Love & Light,


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