How to Balance your Soul Star Chakra & Expand Awareness

Balancing the Soul Star Chakra brings us a deeper connection with the UNSEEN WORLD (true reality = spiritual world). As we, the collective ascend and expand in our consciousness, we will soon come to realise and discern between falsehood & the real, what is true to our soul about reality as a whole.

Truth is, we are divine beings of Spirit and this natural, solid world we occupy is a temporary refuge. A TEST, a programmed game instrumented through polarisation as the predominant means of teaching Spiritual lessons.

The Soul Star is our cosmic/divine “gateway” to our Spiritual truth, past lives, highest perspectives and interconnectedness to all things. A balanced Soul Star Chakra will support you in developing key virtues of ASCENSION: that is, unconditional love and compassion for the light and dark.

In our now 5D reality, these spiritual virtues “must” be embodied and tethered into physicality. It is through this chakra the light and intuitive downloads of high vibrational energy is beamed down from the cosmos.

Active purification of our physical body must be regularly cultivated, to properly assimilate the energy from this Chakra.

That is why I’m committed to a water only detox and intermittent fasting. I am ready to let go of all the chemical and emotional debris that no longer serves me and to reset the physical and energetic body to vibrate Pure Love.

Research by Dr Group at Global Healing Centre shows data on how fasting regenerates the immune system and damaged cells.

Spending time in nature daily is imperative for the integration process for balancing our transpersonal spirit energies. I recently looked into Neil Kramer’s work as he references to Nature being the manifestation of Gods imagination and to find the truth of reality one must look at nature. Einstein famously quotes the same idea about Nature, as he says "Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better".

Heres some support for the following techniques in balancing the Soul Star Chakra.

Essential Oils: Mix one of the oils referenced in this guide with a carrier oil and rub on both wrists. Take in the aroma of the oil and move your arms up towards the sky. Create circular motions with your arms moving up to the sky and back down to the earth. This promotes healing the auric field as well as the chakra system. Set your intention to download divine wisdom from the cosmic chakras or simply to embody one of the virtues mentioned above such as Divine Love & Compassion.

Colour Therapy: There are other sacred colours associated with this Chakra including Indigo and Violet. Colour Therapy is super powerful in balancing your chakras which is why its a good idea to regularly visualise colour as a cleansing, resetting or balancing tool for this Chakra. Allow yourself to visualise the colours circulate, pulse and move from the Soul Star Chakra down into the crown.

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