How to Heal & Rebalance with Sacred Symbols

We are witnessing the developmental stages of the age of empowerment and revolution of Consciousness, redefining what it means to be alive. We are now questioning our beliefs and lack mindset and in a space of decluttering, eons of conditioning that kept us small. Our capacity to heal and thrive is here with an abundance of resources, information and support. All that is required is an invocation and energetic readiness to let go of the benefits of staying small/ limited and awaken to the reality of heaven here on earth. Our spiritual makeup is here to support us, and the language of Spirit is symbolism. This is why we hear this saying “it’s hard to explain or “I have no words” , when it comes to expressing the essence of Spirit and mystical experience. Expression of our experience is through song, poetry, drawings, art, acts of love and creation which all are symbols and metaphors of our true essence.

Symbols are understood by our hearts. Symbols heal.

Allow yourself to heal with symbols. Hang them up on your walls, draw them, visualise the infinity sign move through you and see yourself as a dove or a phoenix or a wolf or any metaphor representing your journey to authenticity and truth.

Love & gratitude for all of you!

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