How to realise a Career/Life Purpose/Passion (including a powerful process).

Living your Life’s passion and purpose as a career can be complex if your values for career and life purpose are different. It all depends on what’s most important to you? What you value most in life?

Sometimes, it’s a matter of reshuffling your values to meet your career and life purpose in the middle. It is very possible to have it all. Innovation and creativity will serve you in this pursuit.

For example, you may have finances as top of your priority for choosing a career, however when it comes to life purpose, are finances at the top of the list? What is important to you in living your Purpose?

Is it serving society? Helping others? Or Joy and then finances? See how these can be conflicting in terms of the hierarchy of values.

So, how can we decipher what’s most important to us when it comes to work and how we can infuse our passion into that?

Firstly, here’s some context. Have you noticed that society its paradigm of work is shifting dramatically? We are seeing entrepreneurs, health practitioners, internet moguls, you tube super stars, Instagram super stars and multi-level marketing businesses ON THE RISE.

Technology seems to be a catalyst for this new wave of work hours, structure and making a living, outside of the traditional realm of 9-5.

Now, I’m not saying, quit your day job and start up an Instagram page or YouTube channel and hope for the best. I’m saying, we have more choice than we ever have had before.

In fact, we have so much choice now, its important for us to fully associate with our dreams and aspirations, giving our dreams a voice and acknowledgment it deserves, giving our dreams the opportunity to come into fruition if it is viable and ecological to do so.

I encourage you to note down your dreams on a piece of paper or voice to a friend, mentor or coach.

Here is a process that will help bring you one step closer into realising and materialising your life purpose and career aspirations. Give it a go today!

It’s called The Disney Planning Process, thanks to Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

1. Step into or associate yourself with your inner dreamer. List or audio record your dreams, life purpose, passion in the bigger picture. Be as innovative and imaginative as you wish.

In this list there are no confines, limitations, but’s, what ifs. This space is where endless opportunities exist.

2. Allow your mind to step outside of the dream realm and now enter your inner Realist. Associate with your inner Realis allowing yourself to list or record what needs to be realised or done to accomplish this dream. Draft a to do list of tasks ideas and thing from your inner realist. Ensure only the realist is at work in this position.

3. Take the dream and step into the position of your inner critic and associate with this state allowing your critic to work in a new way. Ask the critic What questions do you have for the dreamer? Note all the questions from the critic for the dreamer. Only Questions.

For example: How will you make money from this, how will you reach people, Where will you study? What service will you offer?

4. Step back to the dreamer position and dream the dream again. Associate with it, be in it and ask the dreamer each one of the questions from the Critic. Ask each question one at a time. Have the dreamer answer. Note or record the answers.

5. With the new and improved dream, step back to your inner Realist and realise what else you can do to realise this dream, eliciting more tasks.

6. Take this dream again to the Critic position and ask the critic what other questions the critic has for the dreamer.

7. You may want to continue this cycle until the Critic has no more questions.

8. Write down or record your learnings.

What do you notice now?

Looking for Life Purpose and/or Career Coaching?

Hi, my name is Elizaveta, my friends call me Lisa.

I am a Holistic Kinesiologist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach, Energetic Healer and a Human Resources Advisor. I coach, guide and teach people to connect with, and develop their true self. The Soul.

When you connect with your Heart & Soul you begin to realise your needs, desires and passions. This connection will empower you to make choices that resonate with who you truly are. In turn you will feel fully congruent with your life path. That doesn’t mean you won’t have moments of doubt, it just means you will feel a pull towards your desired outcome.

A sense of congruency and inner alignment can bring peace of mind and inspiration to your life. It’s that knowingness or intuitive feel that everything will work out, that your efforts will pay off, because you believe in yourself and your choice/s.

With love,


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