How to Ignite your Inner Spark

Your Soul is your Inner Spark, let it come through by being your true authentic self.

What is your Inner Spark?

We all have a spark inside of us. When ignited we experience joy, creativity, a meaningful life, desire to do better, to seek purpose, to create positive change and to take action.

The best way to describe our inner spark is the feeling of excitement and passion. These emotions are powerful drivers for positive change, growth, progression, creation and love. It’s no surprise that excitement & passion are key emotions that are governed by the Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our inner spark begins with our soul and also expressed as our inner child, the child who is fearless, present & views the world from a lens of endless possibility, appreciation, joy, beauty and awe.

“When your vibrating at a high frequency, when you are feeling good and when you raise your level of consciousness you begin to reclaim your true nature".


This reality comes with rules, regulations, social pressures & perceived limitations which collectively cause some of us to grow up with limiting belief systems, fears and negative thinking patterns. Unfortunately, we are not taught the skills to shift our negative thinking patterns & emotions.

We are not taught about the true nature of who we are, spiritual beings with limitless possibilities having a human experience. We are not taught that this reality is an illusion and that we are special and powerful beyond our senses, that we have the ability to create our reality, to manifest our deepest desires using our innate resources of free will, introspection, consciousness, intention, positive thoughts, emotions & actions. By transmuting these innate resources into positive & high frequency vibrations, we have the ability materialise our intentions into manifestations.

How do we ignite this spark?

By consciously choosing to be the spark on a daily basis.

When we are being the spark, we are choosing to think positive thoughts, we are choosing to feel positive emotions and we are choosing to take action on fueling that fire with activities that resonate to us such as dance, fitness, clean eating & vibrant foods, music, nature, comedy, friends & family.

Basically, anything that makes you feel good and lifts you up, choose to do it. Choose high vibrational activities and surround yourself with experiences and people that resonate with your spark. If you cannot do this daily, ensure you choose gratitude daily as this instantly lifts you up vibrationally as well as biochemically. Remember this, our emotions have a direct impact on our neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones. When we are grateful, we release feel good chemicals in to the body, directly impacting our health and wellness.

Make sure you are congruent with these actions, so if something makes you feel good but also bad at the same time such as a particular exercise or smoking, shift that “I’m torn between” energy to something else that you are congruent with.

How does this benefit us?

When your vibrating at a high frequency, when you are feeling good and when you raise your level of consciousness you begin to reclaim your true nature. You begin to make conscious and loving choices that serve you. You begin to feel present. You begin to attract opportunities, experiences and people in your life that match your spark. You begin to connect with a higher source of energy that is beyond this reality.

You begin to feel inspired & energised in crafting your own meaningful story. You have the resources to accept and shift your negative thinking and low emotions. Your life transforms as you continue to keep your spark alive. Keep fuelling that spark until it becomes a flame that illuminates your world and the world of others.

Keep on smiling & shining

By Elizaveta Iliagouev

Soul Centred Kinesiology

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