Kinesiology for Trauma

I am over the moon and would love to share with you all, an article that was released on 21-04-20 titled "How a Kinesiologist Helped Me Confront Past Trauma and Move Forward With My Life" by a writer and content manager for Pop sugar AU, Chantelle Schmidt.

Thank you Chantelle for sharing your Kinesiology experience with me as your Kinesiologist.

My excitement truly comes from helping all my clients & community in their healing and spiritual development. This is one of the main reasons why I started this healing and spiritual journey, so I thank you all who support me in my growth as your healer. You all know how I feel about you!

I now understand more than ever, how important and beneficial it is to share our experiences with various healing modalities and practitioners, so we can better understand, utilise and appreciate the science, wisdom and techniques that support us on our healing journeys.

I remember my first Kinesiology experience, I felt like it was almost magic and the most fascinating thing ever to be able to have my health and energy be examined via muscle monitoring and intuition.

Studying a Diploma of Kinesiology has taught me how much of a science it really is, as we learn and practice, all things holistic including energetic medicine (sound healing, flower & vibrational essences, crystal healing, chakra healing, auric healing, meridian healing, aromatherapy etc), structure & body work (TMJ, hips, neck, cranial, fascia, muscular system back etc), nutrition & hormones, neurological conditions, reflexes & brain function, clinical conditions, Chinese medicine & acupressure, mind body medicine along with other eastern and western healing modalities such as anatomy and physiology, homeopathy, osteopathic protocols and client centred counselling.

I believe in one way or another, we all have experienced trauma and that trauma means something different to all of us. Sometimes, our trauma can shape us, changes us and open doorways to healing and reflecting on whom we are and what kind of life we want to create for ourselves.

I believe we are all infinite conscious co-creators of our reality and trauma can be a huge catalyst and gift for spiritual growth and development, which is my area of passion and expertise.

As challenging as it may be to grow and learn from Trauma, when we do heal, we are stronger, more resilient and clear on our truth. I guess its kind of like a muscle being torn at the gym, in order to have that strength, we go through something that tears us, in order to move forward stronger able to continue and thrive in this soul journey called life.

Check out this article by clicking on this link or have a look below at a few of the snaps I have shared on my Instagram and facebook.

This may just help those who also have a similar story and healing journey and would like further support from the fine art and practice of Kinesiology.

Sending you all love & light,

Lisa @ Soul Centred Kinesiology

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