Read or heard about David Hawkins book Power vs Force?

This is a map of the levels of consciousness (vibration) representing degrees of the experience of reality.

Each emotion has its own frequency (see pic 2 & 3) which impacts our wellbeing, perceptions and thus reality.

Using muscle monitoring and various Kinesiology methods, I am able to investigate at which frequency/emotion the body is vibrating.

See, once there is an awareness about your vibration and understanding of the beliefs that hold reinforce the energy field, we can use the healing concept like attracts like to shift the vibration up the scale. I use sound a lot to balance the auric field and hypnosis, NLP and counselling to reframe and reprogram the beliefs.

The love state is my ultimate teaching in clinic. The love state opens one up to receive the abundant love from the universe and life becomes a playground of infinite possibilities.

How to grow your love state?

1. Forgive yourself everyday, all day, all the time, no matter what! Daily forgiveness is a must :) Let go of everything pending in your mind and body, everything that has a past in the present vibration...forgive yourself.

Try a daily morning ritual/affirmation: "I love, accept and forgive myself anyway"..

2. Practice self compassion and compassion towards others especially because most people are merely misunderstood and simply need love not condemnation and judgement.

3. Give love from a distance, anchor daily loving thoughts with affirmations or words, listen to loving music, or 528hz , say kind words, reach out with hugs, touch and compliments.

Smile and look at nature/life with loving eyes, dance, sing, play sounds and movements with love as your intention. After all energy flows where intention goes.

4. Let go of the need to be right, stay neutral and begin to forgive yourself for this previous attitude and commit to nurturing love in every step you take, living from your hearts desire. Checking in with your heart, asking your heart..what does my heart say right now?

5. Practice and cultivate your passion and hobbies you love. It can be anything as long as your acting on what you love, you will vibrate at love and passion.

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Love Elizaveta

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