Rituals for emotional and soul health & wellbeing

I urge you to be less in your head (analytical mind) and more in your body and heart because the body lives in the present moment and the body is also the subconscious mind due to its habitual nature and feelings. The body produces molecules of emotion as Candace Pert's research shows which demonstrates the connection between the body and mind as being one. 

When we adopt and integrate rituals in our lives, we begin to move energy in our bodies, shifting habits as a result. The subconscious mind and enter into a sacred practice accessing the spiritual world through acceptance, acknowledgment, action, devotion and intention. 

In light of this, I have put together a list of Rituals for you to integrate into your daily life specifically for soul health and wellbeing. Choose one, two or three from the list and begin to cultivate the relationship with your soul and source with rituals. 

Ritual One: Daily forgiveness process: ho'oponopono mantra

I am sorry: (means repentance)

Please forgive me : (means letting go)

Thank you: (means gratitude & it is done).

I love you. : (means awakening our true essence, love & light).


Ritual two: Ask your higher self or spirit questions daily

Ask yourself three tquestions and await for higher self or spirit to answer in symbols or synchronicity. You may not even need an answer. The question alone is enough to bring presence, awakening and conscious awareness. Asking questions to yourself out loud or internally can help you live in the here and now and be okay with where you are at on your journey. 

For example: What will love do?, How else can I feel in this moment?, Where is my faith? Is this thought mine? Is this energy mine? What will compassion do? 

Ritual three: Smudge for clearing and cleansing energy weekly. 

White sage, black sage, lavender & palo santo are some of the many tools I use for smudging my home and body with the intention to clear my mind and cleanse my energy body from any energy that no longer serves me.


Ritual Four: When noticing an emotional state arise, start tapping. 

Emotional Freedom Technique ( Tapping) is a powerful tool in releasing trapped emotions from the body. Tapping on chest/colour bone, third eye, under eyes, both sides of the nose (next to nostrils), wrists and karate chop are places on the body that are linked to a meridian energy centre in the body. I keep it simple and tap statements that resonate with how I am feeling. 

For example:

“Even though I feel sad, I deeply and completely love, accept, forgive and respect myself”

“Even though I feel anxious, I deeply and completely love, accept, forgive and respect myself”

“Even though I am in conflict and confusion, I deeply and completely love, accept, forgive and respect myself”

"Even though I did something wrong, I deeply and completely love, accept, forgive and respect myself”

"Even though I don't fit in, I deeply and completely love, accept, forgive and respect myself”

"Even though I fear I won't be accepted, I deeply and completely love, accept, forgive and respect myself”

Ritual five: Crystals for grounding. 

Carry a black crystal around with you everywhere you go for grounding. 

Examples include: Onyx, Tourmaline, Obsidian, smokey quartz. Black crystals are specific in grounding you, keeping you honest with yourself and helps you with your energetic boundaries. 

Ritual six: Shifting energy with expressive movement. 

Dancing is powerful in shifting feelings and energy from the body. Yoga is amazing in connecting the divine trinity of our makeup- mind, body and soul. 

Choose cardio for a minimum of 15 minutes daily for the heart. 

Ritual seven: Send unconditional love to yourself, loved ones, nature and the world with your thought energy. The benefits? You connect to your true essence and open your heart which is the gateway to the spirit world and the teacher of forgiveness, purpose, love, compassion and acceptance. 

Ritual eight: Meditation, presence, mindfulness and breathwork.

Breath deep into your body to release all that no longer serves you. Play calming music or binaural beats for shifting brain wave and relaxation. Meditate and live with presence and mindfulness daily. Living in the now in all of its beauty and reverence. 

For more on rituals, be sure to check out future blogs on instagram and this space. 

With love & gratitude, 


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