Self-motivation & Energy medicine

Recently I watched a YouTube clip of my NLP Master trainer Dr Heidi talk about our “Why” and how in order to be truly motivated toward our desired outcome, we need a strong “why”- for what purpose? For what intention?

Keep asking these questions over and over until you get to the deepest awareness of your “why”.

Deep down, beneath the surface we have plenty of “whys” that are in need of discovery. To bring the unconscious to the conscious, ask yourself the questions and dig deep. Whats important to you about that?

That way we will have more awareness of what we value, what our needs are and what do we believe in. These are the keys to our personal reality.

So ask yourself the questions and combine this process with energetic tools allowing you to heal the body and mind together, a holistic approach to health and transformation.

Bach flower essences are magical tools for empowerment and positive emotional states, and crystals are vibrational tools with powerful healing properties of light, colour, minerals and essence that support and ground the sacred process of self-awareness and healing.

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