Sensitivity is your greatest gift.

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Growing up, I abandoned and rejected my dominant trait of being sensitive. I believed I was flawed and weak in some way and wished I could be thick skinned like many of my peers appeared to be like. See, not only am I innately sensitive, my zodiac is piscease the most sensitive sign of the twelve and my Chinese zodiac is the sheep the most gentle of the twelve and so I was really shy as a child.

I was continuously affected by negativity inside of me, around me and in the world and would unconsciously take it all in, suppressing emotion as a result.

I didn't exactly understand as a child how to express my emotions. My dominant way of expressing myself was through art, as I drew and painted my dreams into form.

In light of the arts and craft, as a sensitive I often suppressed my emotions and this showed up in my physical body as poor posture, rounded shoulders and upper back pain. See, now being a intuitive Kinesiologist I understand that emotion can crystallise in to the physical body as a symptom.

That is why its important to express your emotions with rituals and habits that allow that emotion to dance and move. My favourite way to dance with my emotions include turning my feelings into a creative outlet by writing blogs. I also see my Kinesiologist monthly to bring my mind body and soul into alignment.

I owe my entire journey all to being sensitive. This dominant trait of mine in which I rejected for so long is now my greatest strength and gift.

Being sensitive is strength.

Being sensitive teaches you how to understand others with empathy.

Being sensitive teaches you vulnerability.

Being sensitive teaches you emotional intelligence.

Being sensitive allows you to discover your intuitive capabilities.

Being sensitive means you care so much.

Being sensitive teaches you compassion.

If you have a trait you have rejected, please write down all the positive things about that trait in order to fully accept, embrace and eventually love it. This will bring you wholeness.

I write this blog to inspire others to speak up, be raw and vulnerable about their triumphs, falls and emotions so that we no longer need to suppress ourselves, we are safe to live in a world of authenticity.

We are all one,

With love,


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