Sentience, the human experience poem

I am born a sentient being, originally from the heavenly plane, observing my world through my earthly five senses and bound by the law of physics, discovering life as I go, learning about the laws of the of oneness, manifestation, karma...attraction and more. I am a sentient being and I feel so much, I came here to feel, to truly feel bliss, to feel equanimity.

I am bound by the lessons of duality, to experience bliss, I experienced fear, to know what true unconditional love is, I had to overcome my own mental warfare built by the walls of conditioning, ego and karma.

I am grateful for this lesson, as humbling as it is and as challenging as it is, to feel is the greatest gift of all and yet to feel is the hardest thing of all. That’s why I know that the human experience is not for the faint hearted. The human experience is for the hero’s, the courageous, the warriors. I am grateful for you all.

And so, I breathe in life force. And breathe out my past, I breathe in optimism and breathe out negativity, I breathe in gratitude and breathe out anger, I breathe in passion and breathe out despondency.

I am a sentient being, I feel so much joy, I feel so much pain, I feel. And yet every time I feel my pain, it dissolves with awareness, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion,breath and movement, creating more space for me to consciously feel what I choose to feel in the moment.

I choose to feel what God feels, I choose to feel the universe.

I choose to see life through the eyes of God. I AM.

By Soul centred kinesiology

Elizaveta Iliagouev

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