Social Anxiety, Spirituality & Self-discovery

Who am I?

What happens if I don’t know who or what my true authentic self is?

How do I actually be my true self?

How do I let go of the mask/s?

Please read the poem by Charles C Finn “please hear what I’m not saying”. I read this poem in Clinic to clients who battle with Social Anxiety.

Everyone has a a mask or a few masks, it’s the personality/identity we project outwardly or wear in certain social contexts.

This can be very taxing and exhausting mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically because to a degree having a mask takes serious effort and energy, as if we are on stage all the time when socialising.

In essence we are hiding who we truly are and not being our authentic self because of fear- fear of judgement, persecution or not feeling worthy.

So we run, run from our own thoughts and feelings, hiding ourself by building and strengthening our masks, hiding the uncomfortable feelings in our pockets, all whilst pushing through our fears regardless, with a blushing face, sweaty palms, racing heart and shallow breath, hoping this too shall pass.

But I’ve always been shy? Where did this come from? Did I take it on from someone else? Is this part of my constitutional makeup? Was it in my DNA? Was I hurt and humiliated as a child?

All these questions lead me and prepared me for the ultimate journey of self-discovery. Who am I?

The process of ‘self enquiry” helps discover this very question. Look up Raman’s Maharshi’s process.

When we meditate and focus solely on this question, we begin to notice the awareness of the awareness itself. The “I” is revealed as the subject. This question is not answered rationally or logically, it’s beyond the mind/mental imagery.

When we ask from the pure presence of the heart, without the ego interfering, we begin to feel the answer from a meta position (beyond). Call it mystical intuition or transpersonal consciousness if you will, energy that is awakened beyond our mind is channeled from the collective, from oneness, from pure presence/stillness. You can experience this, I practice this very process in my Clinic.

More information on this process and releasing social anxiety into the past in my next post and blog on Instagram @soul_centred_kinesiology and

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