Soul Centred Energy Healing Tip

Release stuck emotions that are impacting your inner and outer reality.

1. Acknowledge out loud the emotion “I am angry”about X or simply put "I am angry".

2. Accept that "part" or emotion, for integration purposes. "I accept this part in me". Remember it has a purpose and is communicating something to us to learn & grow. Ask yourself "What is this emotion or part teaching me about myself"? Write down the answer in your journal.

3. Acknowledge out loud "I choose to love, forgive, accept, value & respect myself anyway. (Similar to EFT technique).

4. Using your intuition, find a location of where that part of you lives in the body eg chest.

5. Breathe into that space and be with that emotion, feel it, experience it in the body.

6. Begin to HUMMMMMMMMM (signal to the body via sound healing) out loud & with intention to move & shift the energy (Emotion= energy in motion).

Alternatively you can Jump, dance, sing, stretch, and/or shake it out. You can also tap specific act-points (EFT).

7. Use Palo Santo and/or sage a candle to transmute/transform the low vibration into the purifying flame.

8. Visualise the colour of blue to further purify the energy field. See blue orbs of light enter in and around your energy field.

9. Take a Flower essence or spray an essential oil at the same time affirming the new state of being. Tap the thymus gland when saying the affirmation. This is located mid line of your chest and collar bone.

10. “I am in love, balanced, clear, grounded, abundant, in harmony & present in the now". Now feel love, gratitude, grounding and abundance. See it in your minds eye. Create the muscle memory of having already achieved this in your mind.

Peace, blessings and love! Soul Centred Kinesiology

Lisa Iliagouev

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