Soul Centred Grounding & Healing Tips

COMBINE LOVE, NATURE & FRIENDS: healing and an ascension practice.

Go outside and set your intention to recharge & revitalise your cells with an abundance of oxygen in and around you as you breathe in universal prana (chi or energy) and as you do, notice your inner spark ignite as you release an extra dose of serotonin.

Bring your energy tools with you & cleanse your crystals under the illumination of the moon & stars, setting an intention to ascend to higher realms of consciousness. See & feel you and your crystals be purified with white light & anchor the insights, feelings and sensations within.

Begin to be aware of the wholeness within the here and now, breathing rhythmically, with eyes of clarity, seeing what is and being one with life, AWARE, noticing the finer intricacies of life and nature’s ebbs and flows. Feel the expansive, awe, inspiring, uplifting..peace and freedom that is totally available. Begin to anchor this feeling in your body for you to access at any point in time. Remember you are a co-creator with the universe, you are a divine being and you have all gifts and power to create love within and outside of you.

Set the intention to connect with like minded souls and when you do this especially in nature or under the stars begin to engage in deep conversation that fuels your soul. Heal your nervous system by doing so.

Sending love, gratitude and blessings!

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