Healing your soul, requires a deep exploration into the inner you, the true you, your higher self, your core and energy field. Energy medicine and soul centred kinesiology looks to bring the energy centres and auric field back to its innate harmony.

Your energy field governs your mind, body and spirit and by regularly cleansing and nourishing your energy field, you are able to feel totally connected with yourself and your life, totally aligned with your path, positively change, shift through any habits that no longer serve you and move forward with ease, feeling better internally and therefore manifesting harmonious circumstances in your external world.

For those who are dedicated on this Spiritual Path, see Spirituality as your number one priority, and take actionable steps towards cultivating and nurturing your Spiritual Practice. Its all good and well to be spiritual, yet we cannot be spiritual without the practice.

Practices include, daily meditation, journaling, yoga, mindfulness, taking healing courses such as Reiki, seeing a Kinesiologist or Coach regularly, getting outside to connect with nature, staying grounded, listening to music, dancing, engaging in hobbies that uplift you, these activities are things we need in order to be balanced and committed to, for our health and wellbeing.

Stress in this day and age is a big epidemic, everything is so fast paced and instant, so many toxins impacting our health and brain function, to many commitments and not enough true presence and relaxation taking place as a collective. When stress levels rise, and without continual balancing of energies we may be energetically blocked, creating illness of any kind- mental, emotional, spiritual or physical.

Your spiritual health is just as important if not more important (I dare to say), than your daily self-care rituals like brushing your teeth. Its time everybody, regardless of your religious beliefs commit to a Daily Spiritual Practice, it doesn’t have to be woo woo, or esoteric to be spiritual remember that, spirituality is simply about CONNECTION.

Connection to all things inside and outside of you. It typically involves a search for meaning in life, it is a universal human experience, a deep sense of aliveness, interconnectedness to something bigger than yourself, something that touches us all.

Thats why I love Spirituality so much. Its beautiful and super healing.

Spirituality has taught me how to love beyond my self, that real kind of love, as well as experience of course. Spirituality taught me how to optimistically perceive the storms, downfalls and trauma’s in life and ways to nurture a sense of resilience through healing. Spirituality taught me the meaning of life, incorporating my own truth, inspiring me to be awaken my inner power, authenticity and voice.

Spirituality allowed me to have a purpose that is greater than myself and this purpose travels with me in all events, circumstances and experiences, showing up continuously as a serendipity confirming my purpose and reassuring me I am on there right path. There is a real sense of trust and being supported and guided that the universe brings to me that I never could create for myself.

And yet spirituality taught me I am the universe and since aligning with my divine self I have come to experience and see things beyond my senses, I have awakened my psychic abilities and realised my intuitive gifts, now that is cool!

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