What healthy emotions would you love to install in your energetic system?

I use the term install because it’s as simple as that! See, with God All is possible. Do you believe that? Healthy emotions are so high in vibration that they can literally blast through the density of low vibrations such as fear, shame and anger. So here’s the download, feel free to comment which vibration you would like to install on your cloud for greater balance.

Clarity Compassion Confidence Encouragement Faith Flexibility Forgiveness Freedom Happiness Honour Innocence Joy Love Peace Recognition Relaxation Respect Satisfication Support Success

I chose faith a while back and it has literally shifted my paradigm and perception of this world. I’m now in complete surrender which is liberating. “Divine healing intelligence, fill me with your deep magenta ray of faith. Allow the spirit of wisdom, courage and divine love to surround and uplift me. Help me to believe in myself and to develop my ability to courageously deal with challenging situations, while having faith that I am loved and protected. Awaken the clearest and purest intentions in me so that I can use my gifts and abilities for the greatest good. Help me have faith and pray for divine intervention, even in the darkest circumstances. Show me on a daily basis how little faith and kindness can move mountains and transform lives. Thank you, Clear, Clear, Clear”. ( prayer by Inna Segal The secret language of your body)

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