What is your self-love language?

I dare you to date yourself. What would you do for yourself to show you true unconditional love and adoration?

I am a words of affirmation and physical touch gal, so I choose to tell myself loving affirmations daily, appreciating all parts of me. In terms of touch, I love dry brushing my body upwards toward the heart, following with a soothing Ayurvedic oil massage from feet to head, whilst listening to meditation music and creating a candle light setting.

Once you know your love language, you can give yourself love without relying on external drivers to have this need met. Its liberating and powerful once we give ourselves the love we deserve.

So ask yourself, what is your love language? What rituals and habits will you commit to from today onwards to show and give yourself love?

Here are examples of rituals based on the five love languages:

1. Buy yourself flowers or a gift that is small, yet sentimental, something that will improve your self-love.

2. Take yourself out for a beautiful sunny stroll, barefoot on the beach.

3. Have encouraging and compassionate affirmations placed on your fridge or wall to remind you to tell yourself how amazing you are.

4. Give yourself a massage or take yourself out for a massage.

5. Yoga for quality time with self.

6. Meditation for quality time with yourself.

7. Read a book with a candle burning and peaceful music in the background.

8. Pamper yourself with any loving treat of choice.

9. Listen to affirmation meditation as you cook, clean and chill out.

10. Buy yourself an essential oil that you love the smell of.

With love,


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