What to expect for your first Soul Centred Kinesiology Consultation?

To help frame your first experience with Soul Centred Kinesiology, please read below to understand the style, structure and what to expect from your healing experience.

What is the style of Kinesiology you will experience?

Soul Centred Kinesiology is specialised style of Kinesiology, focusing on Spiritual & Emotional Health using Energetic Medicine and Kinesiology. Receiving a Kinesiology balance is a personal experience and the relationship between client and Kinesiologist plays a role in the experience as no Kinesiologist, style, structure and focus is the same.

Soul Centred Kinesiology is founded by Elizaveta Iliagouev, a diploma certified Holistic Kinesiologist. Elizaveta regularly integrates a Soul Centred Kinesiology session addressing the the body as a whole by considering structural, muscular and somatic body work, Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system & acupressure, holistic counselling, psycho-spiritual counselling, nutrition, anatomy & physiology, neurophysiology, energetic medicine, neurological conditions and nervous system.

In addition to Elizaveta’s studies in Kinesiology, Elizaveta has a genuine passion and significant training in Spirituality, Neuro-linguistic programming, modern hypnosis, Thetahealing, Medical Intuition, Shamanic healing, Sound healing and Meditation. Clients who resonate with the spirituality sides of things often ask for more a spiritual focus to their healing.

What is the Structure of Soul Centred Kinesiology Session?

Based on your needs or goal for the session, Elizaveta will investigate your body’s energy field using biofeedback tools of Kinesiology muscle monitoring, TCM diagnostics and medical Intuition. This process is referred to the activation process of a Kinesiology session. Activation stimulates all relevant information & body systems, glands, muscles, meridians, energy centres, brain, mind etc, bringing the related components to the healing to the surface, to then bring the body into a state of balance and homeostasis using various research and evidence based holistic treatments.

What to expect after a Soul Centred Kinesiology session?

Client outcomes and responses to healing varies to each goal and individual. It’s best to give your session time to resonate over the next few days post healing and to update Elizaveta on how are you feeling and whats coming up. Please be aware that the alignment will continue resonating over a week or more post your session. At times the shifting may be quite subtle and at other times it will be very noticeable. Whatever it is for you, will be right for you!

Post your appointment, you will receive a tailored follow up email referencing specific goal orientated suggestions for support or referrals based on your needs. You will receive access to online courses for personal and professional development to support your entire healing journey.

Please note, you can change/reprogram beliefs, release stuck emotions and unblock energy in the body. You can work on personal health or even professional goals. I work with corporates and many prefer to rebalance their stress levels from deadlines and work pressures.

You will also receive a follow up email with suggestions for support or referral.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Elizaveta Iliagouev, Soul Centred Kinesiology today.

With gratitude

Elizaveta (Lisa) @ Soul Centred Kinesiology

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