When you open your heart magic happens.

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Once the heart opens, you will notice a surrendering and deep trust in your higher self and the universe. You will feel a sense of calm into the unknown and be satisfied with simply discovering life as you go.

Finally living in the now. The present moment.

You will begin to believe that your life is like chess, an action movie, a story to tell and you are every page of the book. You are part of an adventure where every moment is new and the now.

That moment is connected, loving, purposeful, filled with synchronicity and for your highest good. Life becomes a reflection of you and you can see yourself in others, knowing deeply we are one. Light reflects and life is light and therefore everything is a reflection of you. You are living in an outer world that reflects your inner world.

What is our mission?

To love ourselves unconditionally and then love others equally. To realise we are one with everything and everyone.

How do we get there?

Courageously participate and trust in the unfolding process of cosmic intelligence.

The Outcome?

You connect back to your true essence. Your aura emanates the colours of the rainbow.

See, choosing loving and compassionate thoughts about yourself and the universe will get you on this path. Being of service to others will fill your cup.

With love,

Elizaveta Iliagouev

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