PRESALE Transmission Launch, Energy Clearing & Activation. Lower Dantian, Sacral
  • PRESALE Transmission Launch, Energy Clearing & Activation. Lower Dantian, Sacral

    Dates on the launch of this transmission will be released to your email inbox. This event is created to be timeless. It is beyond linear time and therefore will exist for all new souls on the journey to have access to when it is in divine timing.


    This energy balance offering is pre-recorded in our clinic and you will receive lifetime access to the clearings. This transmission is created to offer you the opportunity to experience the energy of one to one session, for deep restorative and guided meditation with embedded hypnosis and frequency music and video. 


    You will access your transmission from your email and that will prompt you to all 5 energy balances working on the emotions, beliefs and body psychology of the Lower Dantian, Sacral, Root, Pelvis and Feet centres. 


    You will receive an email confirmation with all the details to accessing the entire 5 part energy balance, channelled from the energy of the 7th plane of existence.


    You will also receive a healing e-book/guidebook with energy clearings channelled from the energy of the 7th plane of existence. 


    This transmission invites you to energise the seat of qi (lifeforce) that transmutes the jing (core essence) into vital energy that nourishes the body and mind/spirit (shen). 


    This transmission, energy balance and virtual kinesiology is the first 'Inner Alchemy' offering featured in our up and coming Soul Centred - Virtual Portal. 


    In light of this, you are invited to receive this comprehensive and powerful energy balance for a special scholarship/membership class price.


    Soul Centred Kinesiology is pleased to announce your 5 part energy clearing series is priced at $29.95USD for all community members and valued at $599 USD. 


    Whats the catch?


    Having worked with many private clients over the years, Elizaveta (Lisa) is ready to reach more people on a global scale, introducing this sacred work at a membership class price. 


    This first transmission of a larger framework integrates Thetahealing technique, Soul Centred Kinesiology technique and Neuro-linguistic programming tools to guide you in self transformation, clearing all the denser parts of self that no longer serve you such as fear, criticism, guilt, grief, sorrow, resentment, anger and associated beliefs, feelings and consciousness into the light of the 7th plane of existence to shift your vibrational frequency to your highest potential. 

    As Einstein classically puts it, you cannot solve a problem with the exact consciousness that created it, therefore we go above the levels of environment, behaviour, capability, belief, values and identity to draw wisdom from the greater whole (spirituality, beyond duality/transcendence) and anchor this wisdom into earth, our core essence (Jing; seed of potential located in lower dantian) and bones (structure).


    Our lower dantian located just under our belly button stores qi (energy) and drives it throughout the body.


    We begin here at our roots and associated organs, emotions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes, chakras, meridians and physical structures. 

    Stay tuned in this space and Soul Centred newsletter as I invite this offering to this soul tribe to expand into our inner visionary or other archetypes of spiritual energy such as the Mystic, Goddess, Liberator and Shaman.


    This transmission includes an easy to read and digest guidebook that inspires energy clearings and guided meditations using Thetahealing, allowing you to heal and clear all that no longer serves you as you read. 


    This energy balance does not replace any medication. This is a balance working on the emotional imbalances within the energy field of the individual and collective consciousness. 


    Sneak peak into the areas we will cover. This clearing is created for you to recieve. 


    • We work on all four belief levels: historical, ancestral, soul and core. 
    • We look to install feelings so you can elevate your vibration to "true reality" ie presence. 
    • We meditate to the 7th plane of pure source consciousness, pure unconditional love. 
    • We go deep into the core energy centre, seat of our energy, our kidney meridian. 
    • We focus on feet and pelvis to stabilise our spiritual energy into the earths core. To feel connected to Mother Nature's bounty and love. 
    • We breathe into all parts of the physical body for relaxation and mindfulness practice. 
    • We clear programming that is associated to each energy point of focus: pelvic floor, pelvis, hips, psoas, quads, knees, thighs, ankles, feet and associated bones. 
    • We clear acupressure points that are associated to the Lower Dantian and core beliefs, feelings and symptoms we are ready to clear. 
    • We receive an energy rinse and cleansing on all the energy, we are ready to let go and integrate into wholeness and wisdom. 
    • We reconnect to our true authentic self, the heart of the Creator. The self, all loving and connected to All That Is, the energy of creation. 


    This transmission invites you to consider what issue you are currently facing. You will have an opportunity to clear your personal issue by allowing the frequency of Creation energy to take care of it for you. 


    Creation energy is the energy of unconditional love. We draw on spiritual wisdom and virtues that connect us to the greater whole to reconnect to our perfect truth, the highest truth of who we are. 


    Full details on this transmission will be sent to your email upon the release date. This is a channelled event and therefore, Transmission release date will vary in April-May 2021. 



    Soul Centred Kinesiology 

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