$155, 90 mins

Soul Centred Kinesiology

Using muscle monitoring and other biofeedback methods, you will be able to uncover the limitations and stresses that are holding you back from being your true, authentic self.


You can work on any goal, issue or health condition and find the

root cause to the condition.


With your new found awareness and guidance from the session

you will be able to shift your beliefs, perceptions, habits and 

resolve emotions, stresses and blocks using various techniques

aimed to stimulate your body's innate healing intelligence. 

You can work on physical, chemical, nutritional, spiritual,

emotional, psychological and energetic conditions.


This work promotes self-responsibility which means you are your

own healer and my job is to help guide you and hold a safe space

for you during this process of inner work. 


This soul work is beneficial for: 

  • Anxiety & depression,

  • Fatigue,

  • Fears and phobias,

  • Stuck and repressed emotions,

  • Limiting beliefs & shifting mindset,

  • Energy blocks/tensions in the body,

  • Communication with your body & intuition

  • Restoring the balance of the nervous system,

  • Posture, neck, back and hip pain, 

  • Learning difficulties, coordination and brain function,

  • Lifestyle & habit changes,

  • Learning mindfulness, meditation

  • Deep relaxation, calm and grounding.

  • Connecting with your soul and heartfelt reasoning.

  • Making aligned decisions

  • Getting to know yourself better

  • Relive tension and let go of stress

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