$290 AUD, 90 mins, virtual or clinic

$750 AUD, 3 x soul session package

Soul Centred Kinesiology

A unique & internationally renowned transformative energy clearing tool 

Our individual and package offerings include a personalised treatment plan including:


  1. Bespoke energy clearing, activation and hypnosis audio, 30 min

  2. Bespoke energy clearing and balance tutorial based on the session, 30 min

  3. Access to our resource library via our Facebook private group and launching soon membership soul portal. 

  4. Email correspondence with personalised home reinforcement strategies, report and energy medicine support, written by Lisa. 

For all scholarship pricing enquiries, email us here. 

What to expect during your in person or virtual soul session: 

Using muscle monitoring and other biofeedback methods, including medical intuition, you will be able to uncover the limitations and stresses that are holding you back from being your true, authentic self.


You can work on any goal, issue or health condition and find the root cause to the condition or symptoms.


With your new found awareness and guidance from the session you will be able to shift your beliefs, perceptions, habits and resolve emotions, stresses and blocks using various techniques aimed to stimulate your body's innate healing intelligence. 


You can work on physical, chemical, nutritional, spiritual,

emotional, psychological and energetic conditions.


This work promotes self-responsibility and self-accountability to empower you in the journey of self-discovery.  


This soul work is beneficial for: 

  • Balancing chakras, meridians and all energetic centres of the body

  • Harmonising unresolved emotions

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Fatigue and adrenal conditions

  • Fears and phobias

  • Stuck and repressed emotions,

  • Limiting beliefs & shifting mindset

  • Energy blocks/tensions in the body

  • Communication with your body & intuition

  • Restoring the balance of the nervous system

  • Posture, neck, back and hip pain 

  • Learning difficulties, coordination and brain function

  • Lifestyle & habit changes

  • Low self-esteem

  • Learning mindfulness, meditation

  • Deep relaxation, calm and grounding

  • Connecting with your soul and heartfelt reasoning

  • Making aligned decisions

  • Getting to know yourself better

  • Relive tension and let go of stress

Soul Centred Kinesiology integrates a range of scientifically researched, holistic modalities and offers intuitive balancing tools and techniques to effectively reprogram unconscious negative patterns and create choice and wholeness for clients to transform and be connected to their true self. 

To find out more about our 3 session package deal, email us at info@soulcentredkinesiology.com.au or click email & enquire. 

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