"I saw Lisa twice for a two hours consultation and I can say I'm so lucky I have been in her presence for 4 hours of my life.
Lisa has the most welcoming smile and she looks through your soul to speak directly to your inner child. I was able through my interaction with Lisa to tap into the world of healing. She listens and she knows what to ask.
She clears your energy and puts you in the most balanced state of mind to be able to look at what you want to work on with utmost clarity. Then she studies your body and understands what your own subconscious mind has been causing you in a physical form. I learnt to be more loving towards myself, my past and others through working with Lisa. Her clinic is like a temple, you relax the moment you walk into it.
She sang for me, she allowed my tears to drop fearlessly and she mediated with me. I listen to her recorded meditations and I get a feeling of deep relaxation which I dont get from other recorded medications. Her voice, presence and words are like the purest form of magic.
I recommend you go and see Lisa, but before you do I invite you to be open to a lifetime journey filled with love and a contract you need to sign with yourself to commit to that journey with small baby steps in order to allow her to let you discover a world which can't be seen with the naked eye but can be felt inside your own heart."