Therapies & Services

Holistic Kinesiology

$150, 90min.

Using muscle monitoring and other methods, you will be able to uncover the limitations and stresses that are holding you back from being your true, authentic self.


You can work on any goal, issue or health condition and find the root cause to the condition.


With your new found awareness and guidance from the session you will be able to shift your beliefs, perceptions, habits and resolve emotions, stresses and blocks using various techniques aimed to stimulate your body's innate healing intelligence. 

You can work on physical, chemical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional, psychological and energetic conditions.


This work promotes self-responsibility which means you are your own healer and my job is to help guide you and hold a safe space for you during this process of inner work. 


This soul work is beneficial for: 

  • Anxiety & depression,

  • Fatigue,

  • Fears and phobias,

  • Stuck and repressed emotions,

  • Limiting beliefs & shifting mindset,

  • Energy blocks/tensions in the body,

  • Communication with your body & intuition

  • Restoring the balance of the nervous system,

  • Posture, neck, back and hip pain, 

  • Learning difficulties, coordination and brain function,

  • Lifestyle & habit changes,

  • Learning mindfulness, meditation

  • Deep relaxation, calm and grounding.

  • Connecting with your soul and heartfelt reasoning.

  • Making aligned decisions

  • Getting to know yourself better

  • Relive tension and let go of stress

  • and so much more.  

You can find out more about the benefits of Kinesiology here. 

Cash, EFT or Credit Card payment accepted. 

Energy & Chakra Balance

$150, 90min

A holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By resolving these energetic blocks, the body is able to access its innate ability to heal.


Science is now catching up with us and based on Quantum Physics principles, as humans we are vibrating( light/colour and sound). Stress affects our vibration and can cause disharmonic vibration. Energy Healing can help bring harmony & flow in your vibrational energy field/biofield.  

Energy Centres stimulated: 

  • Chakras

  • Aura/biofield

  • Meridians 

Energetic Methods: 

  • Sound Healing: Harmonics, Crystal singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowl and Tuning forks. 

  • Colour Therapy 

  • Crystal Healing

  • Angelic Healing

  • Flower essences,

  • Aromatherapy,

  • Guided Meditations & Visualisations,

  • Meridian Massage & Acupressure 

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Modern Hypnosis

  • Shamanic Healing

Cash, EFT or Credit Card payment accepted. 

Meditation Class - 60 min

$125, 60 min

Book in for one-on-one meditation 60 minute and mindfulness class. 

Sound Healing, Chakra Healing and Energy Healing integrated in each class. 

Benefits of Meditation: 

  • Meditation reduces stress and anxiety resulting in keeping our cortisol and adrenaline in check. 

  • Meditation releases feel good chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin, connecting to feelings of love and presence. 

  • Meditation increases melotonin levels helping you have better sleep.

  • Meditation increases dopamine levels, improving focus and concentration, enabling a better flow state. 

  • Because meditation lowers stress levels, DHEA is increased, supporting our ageing process, keeping is vital and youthful. 

Spirituality Coaching, Spiritual Healing & Development Classes 1-on-1, 60 minutes

$125, 60 min

Looking for a Spiritual Mentor? Looking to improve and learn meditation and mindfulness? Interested in Ancient Spiritual Philosophy and/or Metaphysics? 

Soul Centred Kinesiology has clients who visit weekly, fortnightly and monthly for Spirituality Coaching and Development classes. Our clients are soul mates  who have awakened and are ready to heal and thrive towards the light, love, oneness, connection, inner truth, and presence/awareness. 

I offer tools that will support you in your personal and spiritual transformation. 

1 session: $125

5 sessions : $500 

In Clinic (Chatswood) or via Skype/Zoom available. 

Email for more information. 

Corporate/School Workshop/s

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Offering a range of workshops covering topics within the discipline of Mindfulness, Meditation, Spirituality & Energy Medicine and Healing.


These workshops are offered weekly for 3-4 sessions or more or one off for specific corporate/school occasions such as Mental Health Month, Are you Okay day and so fourth.


Each workshop works with specific teachings to bring greater awareness on wellbeing and offers practical tools/techniques for everyday self-healing. 


Price: Please contact via contact page to enquire on price.  

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